Botrytis Fungus Cannabis

Better known as ‘gray mold‘ or ‘bud rot‘.


What is Botrytis FungusBotrytis Fungus Cannabis?

Botrytis Fungus CannabisBotrytis Fungus Cannabis, better known as “gray mold” or “bud rot,” is a necrotrophic fungus. The name comes from the appearance it takes on during its germination. This pathogen is causing headaches in cannabis around the world, as it spreads very easily and is very difficult to control. Botrytis Fungus Cannabis
Botrytis Fungus Cannabis pic1
Paul Bachi, University of Kentucky
Research and Education Center,
Botrytis Fungus Cannabis pic1
Paul Bachi, University of Kentucky
Research and Education Center,

Idyllic scenarios

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Where is Botrytis Fungus found?

This pathogen tends to thrive in rainy places with high humidity. Therefore, closed crops are idyllic scenarios for this diseases.

The “gray mold” mainly attacks weak and damaged tissue. The ideal is that we act quickly, when we notice any injury in our cannabis cultivation. Because Botrytis acts from any injury, causing cell death in the place of the plant where it is conceived, it can exterminate the plant completely. Botrytis Fungus Cannabis


Some of the physical traits of cannabis plants infected with Botrytis are:

Botrytis Fungus Cannabis pic 5
Yellow spots on the leaves
Buds surrounded by gray fluff
Botrytis Fungus Cannabis pic 8
Weakened stems


Ways of controlling Brotytis

Some preventive techniques for these pathogens, start with having good temperature control. It is essential that the humidity in our crop is controlled. In the case of outdoor crops, we must keep our plants from water, as well as from rain and ensure they receive from irrigation.

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