Hop Latent Viroid

90% of all the nurseries of California are infected with this virus.
The hop latent virus is a single-stranded RNA virus that mainly infects Hops and Cannabis plants.
Currently, HpLVd is the most devastating pathogen in Cannabis and removal of the infected plants to avoid transmission to the rest of the population.
MyFloraDNA is using a high-throughput method to detect the presence or absence of this pathogen in hundreds of samples in just a few hours.

How does the Hop Latent Viroid transmit from one plant to another?

By pollination and mechanical transmission

Healthy plants can be infected by other plants, even if they are miles away.
That’s why even if you have a healthy crop, you may have cross-contaminated plants due to the pollen of any neighbor farm around your establishment.
Also, you and your team may be helping the virus spread through your crop by mechanic transmission, which infection caused by scissors, hands, gloves, or other tools.

Improve your crops by ...

Protecting your crops, by avoiding transmission

Detecting and removing plants with low productivity

Guaranteeing that your plants are disease free

Growing healthy, organic and sustainable cannabis