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Invest in Revolutionizing Peanut Allergies with MyFloraDNA’s subsidiary - MaxGene Bioscience

Pioneering Biotechnology for a Safer, Allergy-Free future

At MyFloraDNA, we are on the brink of a groundbreaking advancement in agricultural science with our latest project focused on eliminating allergens peanuts using CRISPR technology. This initiative not only aims to revolutionize peanut consumption but also promises a significant reduction in allergy-related health incidents and costs, benefiting millions of allergy sufferers worldwide


CRISPR technology offers a precise and efficient method for gene editing, wich enables us to target and remove specific allergenic compounds in peanuts without affecting other qualities. This non-GMO approach ensures that the peanuts retain their natural taste and nutritional value while becomung safe for everyone to enjoy.

About us

Welcome to MyFloraDNA Group, an innovation-driven cluster of companies including MyFloraDNA Lab and MaxGeneBioScience.

We pioneer advances in plant genetics and biotechnology, using MyFloraDNA Lab’s cutting-edge research to uncover genetic insights that MaxGeneBioScience transforms into sustainable applications.

Together, we improve agricultural productivity and sustainability with solutions from genetic analysis to field-ready products.

Discover how we’re revolutionizing agriculture at MyFloraDNA Lab and MaxGeneBioScience.


Our mission is to be the leaders in providing cutting-edge DNA analysis and genetic editing tools to empower farmers with the knowledge and resources they need by providing accurate, efficient, and reliable solutions to enhance plant health and productivity.


Thanks to our patent technology, we envision a world where advanced biotechnological solutions drive revolutionary agriculture, achieving unparalleled productivity and sustainability. This will be of utmost importance for democratizing the access to agricultural security and ensuring crop quality globally.

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Pathogen Testing Solutions

Ensuring the health and safety of your crops with precise pathogen detection and DNA fingerprinting.

DNA Fingerprinting

Services Providing comprehensive genetic profiling for strain identification and quality assurance.

Gene editing for Cannabaceae Species

Innovating the future of hemp and medicinal cannabis through advanced gene-editing solutions.

Gene editing in other crops

Our CRISPR technology is being used to develop the first ever allergy-free peanuts. With this improvement we intend to improve the life of 9.6 million of children and adults in the United States

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Case Studies

A Novel, Precise and High-Throughput Technology for Viroid Detection in Cannabis (MFDetectTM)

Discover how, in the largest research study conducted so far for HLVd detection in cannabis, we compared MFDetectTM with quantitative RT-PCR in a time course experiment using different plant tissues, leaves, petioles, and roots at different plant developmental stages to demonstrate both technologies are comparable.

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