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Botrytis Fungus

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Fusarium Fungus


What is Fusarium? Fusarium Fungus MyFloraEdu

Wilting and rot triggered by fungal pathogens are some of the most common diseases on a Cannabis farm. In many of these cases, fungi from the genus Fusarium are the culprit. Although oxysporum is the most common, researchers are finding other species in Cannabis as well. This pathogen appears to affect both indoor and outdoor farms equally. Fusarium often targets the root system of a Cannabis plant, releasing damaging mycotoxins that can kill plants and spread quickly. Once Fusarium shows itself in a Cannabis farm, it’s extremely difficult to eradicate. Prevention is paramount.
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Fusarium Fungus MyFloraEdu pic 1
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Fusarium Fungus symptoms: Fusarium Fungus Cannabis

The symptoms plants express can depend on which type of Fusarium has infected a garden. Fusarium solani generally causes a plant’s roots to rot. Instead of bright white, happy roots, plants will exhibit tan or brown roots covered with slime.