Identify your strains with a Unique ID code.

Compare and validate the authenticity of any plant when comparing its own Molecular Trademark.

Discover our pathogen detection services.

Identify male plants in less than 72hs.

Protect your crop screening your plants for HLV.

Determine the cannabinoid profile of your seedlings.

The importance of analysing your plants

No longer will growers need to use extensive resources to identify important information about their seeds. Using our cost-effective services, you will maximize precious canopy space while allowing more time for you to grow beautiful, safe, and sustainable cannabis.

User-Friendly Report

All our reports are designed to be read by non-experts on genetic information. 

Our fast delivery results are available the minute after we get your results. Easy to download from any device and system.


Everything you need to know to
test your plants with us

Yes! We can ship anywhere in the world. However, your payment must be made from an account originating in either the USA or Canada. International shipping times vary by carrier and destination. Standard international shipping typically takes 5-10 business days to reach your country and must clear customs (timeline varies by country).
If you are within California, we may arrange for sample collection or pickup (contact us). You can also mail your samples from anywhere in the world. Address orders to MyFloraDNA at The Lab@AgStart, 1100 Main Street Suite 300, Woodland, CA, 95695, United States.