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No longer will growers need to use extensive resources to identify important information about their seeds. Using our cost-effective services, you will maximize precious canopy space while allowing more time for you to grow beautiful, safe, and sustainable cannabis.

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You don’t have to be an expert to understand your plant’s Genomics Analysis report. We are always available to solve any of our client’s doubts, so reach us if needed!


MyFloraDNA has made the process as easy as possible. First step is order your DNA collection kits to get started. then, follow the step-by-step instructions included with your kits (also available to view on our website) to collect a high-quality DNA sample and avoid cross-contamination from other samples. Please fell free to contact us or email us via for guidance. We are happy to setup a video call if necessary.

Taking samples as soon as possible after germination saves the most time and resources when identifying male plants. when the material used for sample collection is taken from the first round embryonic leaves (the cotyledons) of immature seedling stage plants, cannabis DNA samples no longer meet the legal definition of “viable cannabis plant material”, they do not contain any regulated substances (e.g. cannabinoids), which makes them fully compliant with the u.s. controlled substances act. the combination of these three factors ensures we are legally allowed to handle your samples in compliance with all u.s. state and federal regulations. *if your cotyledon leaves are wilting or have already fallen off, please call us.
Expedited shipping options are available upon request for an additional fee. please contact us to place your order. each country has different laws and regulations about buying products from other countries. before you place your order, please be sure of your local customs laws concerning the shipment. it is your responsibility to know what is legal in your country and what is not.
Yes. plant dna samples do not contain viable plant material and are legal to ship between agricultural regions without requiring permits. dna samples collected from cannabis cotyledons using our protocols do not contain any plant material or regulated substances (i.e. cannabinoids) that could be used for consumption, cultivation or resale. properly collected dna samples do not contain viable plant material, but consist only of the residue from leaf cellular fluids which become embedded in an absorbent paper.
Yes! we can ship anywhere in the world, however, payment must be made from an account originating in either the usa or canada. international shipping times vary by carrier and destination. standard international shipping typically takes 5-10 business days to reach your country and then must clear customs (timeline varies by country).
if you are within california we may be able to arrange for sample collection or pickup (contact us). you can also mail your samples from anywhere in the world. SEND ORDERS TO: MyFloraDNA Inc., The LabAgstar, 1100 Main Street, Suite 300, Woodland, CA, 95695, United States

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