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We are looking for crop advisors!

MyFloraDNA is looking for a limited number of Facility/Crop Advisors to tap into this opportunity to sell our industry-leading pathogen detection and genomics services. Our services play a crucial role in the success of your clients; by connecting them to MyFloraDNA’s platform you are keeping them on the cutting edge of science-based SOPs for increased plant health, and better returns.

What’s in it for you?

Be at the Forefront

As a Facility Advisor, you’ll have access to MyFloraDNA’s industry-leading technology that is guiding the future of cannabis cultivation.

Automated Commission

Our streamlined system ensures your earnings are promptly deposited into your designated bank or debit account, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Comprehensive Support

Count on MyFloraDNA’s dedicated team to provide comprehensive support for both you and your customers.

Why partner with MyFloraDNA?

Training, education, resources

Stay ahead of the competition with exclusive access to educational resources and training opportunities.

Add Pathogen testing and genetics tools to your portfolio

Differentiate yourself in the market by offering our specialized services.

Validate your genetics

With our Certificate of Cultivar Identity, growers, breeders, and nursery/cultivation managers can have fingerprints of their cultivars to validate their work and supply chains. Trait-agnostic genetic fingerprints provide security without fear of “reverse engineering”.

Who is this partnership for?

Whether you’re a chemical analysis lab, an independent cultivation consultant, or a passionate grower, MyFloraDNA welcomes collaborators from multiple backgrounds.
Cannabis consultants
Cannabis experts

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