Focused on goals


Talented Individuals

Client oriented

CEO – CoFounder

Ángel Fernandez,PhD

“It is time to fill in the gap between DNA Sciences and Agriculture. MyFloraDNA is willing to show the huge opportunities that exist for modern genetics in agriculture. Now, it is time for a another “agriculture revolution”.
COO – CoFounder

Javier Buendia

“MyFloraDNA is committed to data privacy and particularly one of its core principles: data minimization. As such, we will not use or retain any of your information for any purpose other than to advise you and help you reach your business goals.”

The Team

<span>Bussines Developer</span><br>Valeria Demichelis

Bussines Developer
Valeria Demichelis

Val is a Global Sales & Marketing Executive bringing team management, project leadership, program development, strategic planning, and revenue growth through problem solving and contract negotiation.

<span>Sales Representative</span><br>Alonso Bustos

Sales Representative
Alonso Bustos

Alonso is our Sales Representative. He is an undergraduate student majoring in Plant Science with a concentration in Breeding and Genetics. He has five years of experience in traditional cannabis plant breeding and pheno-hunting.

<span>Lab Manager (consultant)</span><br>Rubina Ahsan

Lab Manager (consultant)
Rubina Ahsan

Rubina is our consultant Lab Manager and one of the best in the field. She has several years of experience in Biotechnology Research and developing new analysis techniques. (Bayer, DouPont...)

<span>Lab Manager</span><br>Riaz Ahmad,PhD

Lab Manager
Riaz Ahmad,PhD

Riaz is Responsible for continuous improvement of production protocols and harmonization of activities in the lab. Responsible for lab safety. Follows key performance indicators (KPIs)

<span> R&D expert</span><br>Timothy Butterfield,PhD

R&D expert
Timothy Butterfield,PhD

Timonthy is a Plant molecular biologist with a proven record in experimental design and execution, data analysis, project management, mentoring, grant writing, publication and teaching.

<span>Lab Technician</span><br>Berin Selimotic

Lab Technician
Berin Selimotic

Berin is our Biological Science Technician. He is an undergraduate student majoring in Cellular and Molecular biology at California State University- Sacramento. He has a passion for molecular biology and genetics.

<span>UX-UI Designer</span><br>Juana Daroa

UX-UI Designer
Juana Daroa

Juana is our creative UX Designer with a history of designing intuitive, on-brand and user-centric products. Highly focused on product-centric innovation and integrating consumer research into product design practice.

<span>Marketing and Project Manager</span><br>Maria Zuccarelli

Marketing and Project Manager
Maria Zuccarelli

Maria is our Marketing expert, with many successful projects around the world.
She is a native leader, resolutive and efficient, also bringing creativity and innovation to our Marketing department.

Thanks to:




Richard S. Dodd

Dist. Professor

Expert in plant genetics and genomics


Jaime Prohems

Dist. Professor

One of the most prestigious European scientists in plant breeding, including cannabis


Pietro Gramazio

Plant Science researcher

Bioinformatician expert in cannabis at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


Frederic Llordachs

Serial Enterpreneur

Frederic is an expert in medical advances & innovation . Cofounder of Doctoralia.Expert in cannabis medicinal treatments.


Roger Casals

Serial Enterpreneur

Roger is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience with startups and large corporations. 5 Exits


Albert Armengol

Serial Enterpreneur

Albert  is an Angel investor who has made 16 investmen. Founder of Doctoralia (acquired/merged with Docplanner)