Revolutionizing Peanut Allergies with MyFloraDNA

Pioneering biotechnology for a safer, allergy-free future.

Revolutionizing Peanut Allergies

Our R&D division is one of the leading pureplay gene-editing innovators dedicated to revolutionizing peanuts by making them allergy-free.

Our exceptional team has extensive experience in agriculture and academia, leveraging their expertise to drive pioneering gene-editing breakthroughs.


Countless and priceless applications for fast and novel trait development with Gene Editing

Edits genes by precisely cutting DNA and then letting natural DNA repair processes take over

The first advanced genome editing technology to treat peanut allergenics

MyFloraDNA Dream Team


100 years combined experience in Ag industry and academia


200+ peer reviewed publications and top journals


Combined teaching experience of over 30+ years


Led by gene-editing pioneers, including former PhD students from Dr. Jennifer Doudna’s Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR lab


Science leaders from industry giants like Corteva, top Uiversities and Ag companies

About us

Peanut allergies affect 6.1 million Americans causing severe reactions and high healthcare costs. Emergency prevention is not a solution.






The rise in diagnoses, according to studies

The rise in diagnoses, according to studies


All-time high peanut consumption in 2021

All-time high peanut consumption in 2021

Our Solution

At MyFloraDNA Inc, we’re harnessing the power of CRISPR technology to create non-allergenic peanuts, offering a revolutionary solution for allergy sufferers.

Enhances Consumer Safety

Expands Market Reach

Reduces Costs for Producers

Accelerates Innovation

Why invest

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MyFloraDNA has raised $890,000 for our R&D division to develop CRISPR protocols for crop enhancement. We aim to help millions of Americans who suffer from peanut allergies with our non-allergenic peanut solution.

Join us in harnessing the power of gene editing to cultivate a healthier future. Your investment in our agricultural technology is both practical and ethical. Help us save lives and feed a growing population with safer, more nutritious, and resilient crops.

Help us harness the power of gene editing to cultivate a healthier future for our planet.

CRISPR phases for non-allergic peanuts


Vector Construction


Ex-Plant Selection


Transient Expression


QC Edits Stable Events


Plant Regeneration


Genotyping stable events with edits

About us

We are MyFloraDNA Group, a pioneering biotechnology company specializing in innovative services for the agricultural and cannabis industries.

We are committed to advancing the science of plant genetics and pathogen detection to ensure healthier, high-quality crops.