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Exclusive service that will allow you to compare genetic material.

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What is it about?

MyFloraDNA Check consists of decoding the DNA profile of your plants. Once we’ve reached those hundreds of molecular markers we can compare them with a reference strain or other samples you provide.

Identify nearest genetic relatives and most distant strains.


Validate genetic material

MyFloraDNA Check allows you to validate your genetic material through our traceability app and genomic testing system.

You only need to send the samples you wish to compare or scan the Molecular ID provided by your trusted supplier.

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Why Compare
Your Strains ?


MyFloraDNA Match

This service matches each of your samples and notices the % of similarity between one and the other.

*minimum of 24 samples to test.


FloraStrain Library

Compare your clones with a registered strain.

Analyze your plants’ DNA fingerprint with a reference from our FloraStrain Library or a QR Code reference provided by your clones supplier.

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With great risk comes great responsibility

We know how hard it is to manage to take care of your garden. That is why MyFloraDNA created a cost-efficient solution, to bring you the best lab test services that fits with your growing and selling schedule.

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Certify your strains with
Molecular ID Certificate

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