Cannabis DNA Fingerprinting

Identify, Compare, and Breed with Confidence

Informed Breeding, Cloning, and Cultivation Decisions


Establish unique identification codes for your cultivars’ genetic identity. Meet MFValidate™, a DNA fingerprinting technology created in collaboration with the best breeders in the industry. We obtain and transform high-volume data into useful information to solve real-world challenges.
Use a cultivar’s DNA Fingerprint to accurately identify them. Keep accurate records and ensure compliance with labeling requirements.
Visualize the genetic relationships among your cultivars, and fully understand how they are related to make informed breeding decisions.
Compare your cultivars to others and identify genetic differences/similarities that may be relevant to your breeding or cultivation goals.


Simple and easy, send your samples quickly and with minimal hassle.
Access and share your certificate anywhere, anytime
Access and review all the information obtained from your assays.

Simple collection Process

Simple and easy, send your samples quickly and with minimal hassle.

Cultivar Certificate of Identity

Access and share your certificate anywhere, anytime


Access and review all the information obtained from your assays.

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Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. With DNA Cannabis Fingerprinting, you can identify, compare, and breed with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our service and start optimizing your cannabis cultivars for success.


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With MyFloraCLOUD, you can easily access and review cultivar-specific data and test analysis insights.
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Track your data and visualize how it changes over time.


Login from any device – whether it’s your phone, home computer, or workstation – to see and download your results.


Rest easy knowing that your precious data is safely stored in our database.


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Everything you need to know to test your plants with us.
A genomic test for cannabis analyzes the plant’s genetic material (DNA) to identify specific traits or variations. These tests can help ascertain the plant’s potential for certain characteristics and assess its health status. Additionally, they allow us to identify plants based on their genetics
Using our punch vials. Just open the top of a punch vial, then place the foliage you want to sample within the vial’s opening. Then, close the top to cut out a sample directly into the vial.
For Plant Pathogen Detection services and Phenotype Selection Support services: less than 72 hours from the arrival of samples to the lab. For DNA Fingerprinting services: less than 24 samples take 1-4 weeks, and 24 samples or more take 5-15 days.
If a plant’s results come back positive for a pathogen, you must call it from your farm immediately. You should also schedule a follow-up test within 1-2 weeks to determine if the outbreak has spread.
Order online or call us to get assistance from our business development team for purchasing your tests. After that, you’ll receive a collection kit with all the necessary materials to gather your samples and send them to our headquarters. A few hours after we receive your samples, you’ll be able to view your results within MyFloraCLOUD.
We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal balances, and bank transfers.
It’s simple. We will send you a detailed report with easy-to-read results about the status of the plants for which you provided samples.
Yes, please call us to obtain bulk pricing.
Yes, we do.

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