Welcome to our Collection Experience!

We’re thrilled to help you with your cultivation progress. This experience makes collecting and analyzing samples from your plants simple and hassle-free.

Check that you’ve
received all the materials

Punch Vials
One Return Label
One instruction guide

Once you have everything you need,
it’s time to start collecting your samples.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to start collecting your samples.

Make sure to upload each sample to your the MFCloud Spreadsheet. This way, you can keep track of every sample you collect and monitor your plant’s progress more effectively.

Watch the informative video below to learn how to collect your samples and correctly utilize the MFCloud Spreadsheet.
Use the punch vials provided in our Collection Box to easily cut three small tissue samples directly from your plant.

Next, double-check your spreadsheet within the CLOUD summary to ensure you’ve properly registered all your samples.

Make sure every sample has:

If you are using the Excel spreadsheet, please submit it through MFCloud.

If you are experiencing any issues with the platform, you can also send it to lab@myfloradna.com. Please note that we will not be able to process your results if we don’t receive your samples’ information.

Once you've collected your samples, make sure the vial is properly closed, put them into the box, and return it to our headquarters.

Please use the return label provided to send us back the box with your samples. This enables us to display the status of your order within your MyFloraCLOUD Order Dashboard.

Finally, check your email frequently!

Finally, check your email frequently!

You will receive automated email updates and get notified when your samples’ results are available on your MyFloraCloud Dashboard. You can easily access and analyze your results to gain valuable insights into your plant’s health and development.

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Don't forget to rate your experience

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Everything you need to know to test your plants with us.
Open the top of a punch vial, then place the foliage you want to sample within the vial’s opening. Then, close the top to cut out a sample directly into the vial.
Use a number you can easily associate with the plant you are sampling. For example, it could be a METRC code or any other internal number you use for control.

If you still don’t have any number associated with your plants, we strongly recommend you assign one to each of them before collecting the samples.
If a plant’s results come back positive for a pathogen, you must call it from your farm immediately. You should also schedule a follow-up test within 1-2 weeks to determine if the outbreak has spread.
Yes, we keep genetic information from every sample we test. However, we keep the results of each test anonymous, so none of our clients can trace your data back to you.
Access the MyFloraCLOUD client portal to view your results at any time, in any place, on any device.
If this is your first time testing with us, check your inbox. We send your login information for MyFloraCLOUD via email.