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Cannabis and hemp needs a validation system to increase traceability and final quality of medicinal and recreational products. Read carefully this revolutioning guide, and know what you should do to validate your work or what should you ask for as a consumer. Cannabis Genetic Validation
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Introduction to
Molecular ID

What is a fingerprint? How do we use it in our everyday activities? Understand the concept from the begining.

DNA Molecular ID

Get to know how fingerprint evolved into DNA Molecular ID.

DNA Fingerprint

How can we use DNA Molecular ID to improve our day-to-day activities?

Privacy Commitment

Understand how we protect your data.

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CEO- CoFounder

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Ángel Fernandez

“It is time to fill in the gap between DNA Sciences and Agriculture. MyFloraDNA is willing to show the huge opportunities that exist for modern genetics in agriculture. Now, it is time for a another “agriculture revolution”.

Chief Revenue Officer

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Oscar Illán

Oscar is a professional with more than 25 years of experience in business development, international trading, marketing and sales, exhibition and events management.

Marketing Manager

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María Zuccarelli

Marketing expert, with many successful projects around the world. Native leader, resolutive and efficient. She also brings passion, creativity and innovation to our Marketing department.

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Juana Daroda

Juana is our creative UX Designer with a history of designing intuitive, on-brand and user-centric products. Highly focused on product-centric innovation and integrating consumer research into product design practice.

Scientific Researcher

Sujaya Nilogal

She has a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Karnatak University, India. She is currently pursuing her second Master’s degree in Biotechnology from San Jose State University.

Felipe Cisternas

He is pursuing his master’s degree in journalism at the University of Alabama. He is passionate about improving his skillset. Is a person capable and willing to go beyond what society expects of him.

Proofreading Intern

Scientific Researcher

Samantha Manrique

She is pursuing her bachelor's degree in bioengineering at UTEC University, Peru. She aims to continue growing professionally in the area of biotechnology.

Scientific Researcher

Ha Yun Park

Undergraduate student from Skidmore College studying Biology completed her internship as a Scientific researcher who hopes to grow in the field of plant science.