Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds relative to cannabis seeds are specially bred to remove the male chromosome so these plants produce only female plants. They are also known as Feminized seeds.  Most cannabis growers are looking for Cannabis buds that are present only in Female plants. The female cannabis plant produces more economically important substances such as THC and CBD in comparison to Male Plant.

Feminized Cannabis 3

Feminized Seeds Creation:

the creation of feminized cannabis seeds dating back to the1990s  breakthrough in cannabis cultivation. This advancement made growing cannabis much easier, as well as more economical. As you will read later on, it’s a lot easier to feminize cannabis seeds these days. First, let’s take a look at the difference between male and female cannabis plants.

Male vs. Female Cannabis Plants

Naturally pollinated Cannabis plants tend to produce male and female seeds at the same rate. Therefore, there is approximately a 50% chance that you will yield a female plant from the parent seed. A male plant is effectively useless unless you are a breeder since male plants don’t produce buds. . Resulting in having to remove approximately 50% of the crop. 

Duration Time for Feminized Seeds Growing

Growing time, as always, depends on the strain. Some varieties, like indica’s, grow relatively fast, with short flowering periods of 6–7 weeks. Other strains, such as Hazes, take double the time to flower. If you want to harvest in the quickest time possible you can achieve this by planting fast-flowering variety or feminized auto-flowers. Some may be ready 60 days after germination.

Best Soil Type for Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The cannabis plant thrives when grown in nutrient-rich, well-aerated, and well-draining soil. Most store-bought soil is already optimized for growing cannabis. If you’re using natural soil, you can enrich with perlite, coco, vermiculite, compost, or worm castings so it’s better suited for Cannabis plants.

Benefits of growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Every plant tends to produce buds
  • 100% Success rate means there’s no concern about wasting space and time on male plants