Frequently Asked Questions

Through our client portal, MyFloraCLOUD!
It’s simple. We will send you a detailed report via MyFloraCLOUD with easy-to-read results about the status of the plants from the samples you provided.
A genomic test for cannabis analyzes the plant’s genetic material (DNA) to identify specific traits or variations. These tests can help ascertain the plant’s potential for certain characteristics and assess its health status. Additionally, they allow us to identify plants based on their genetics
MyFloraDNA offers lab services exclusively for testing cannabis plants with THC levels below 0.3%. If we receive samples with THC levels above this limit, we’ll have to dispose of them to stay compliant with the law. Please note that even if the sample is disposed of, you’ll still be responsible for covering the full testing cost.
For Plant Pathogen Detection services and Phenotype Selection Support services: 24-38 hours from the arrival of samples to the lab. For DNA Fingerprinting services: less than 24 samples take 1-4 weeks, and 24 samples or more take 5-15 days.
If a plant’s results come back positive for a pathogen, you must call it from your farm immediately. You should also schedule a follow-up test within 1-2 weeks to determine if the outbreak has spread.