Frequently Asked Questions

Your data is invaluable. While there are industry concerns about data protection, especially regarding genetics and genomics aspects, MyFloraDNA stands apart. Transparency with our clients isn’t just a value; it’s our commitment.

We trust the Q&A below addresses your queries. If you wish to explore further or need clarity on a specific concept, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can call us at +1 (530) 485-8745 or click here.

At MyFloraDNA, we respect and prioritize your rights. The ownership of your varieties remains confidential, and we will never publicly disclose this information unless you choose to share your ownership details in our database voluntarily. If you make that choice, it would free MyFloraDNA from any confidentiality obligations.

To be crystal clear: you own the data and the plants, not MyFloraDNA. This agreement does not grant MyFloraDNA any rights to patent your varieties or hinder your own patent applications for them. Your privacy, ownership, and trust are a top priority to us.
No, we cannot and will not recreate your plants using the samples you provide. The plant sample is used solely for genotyping purposes. Moreover, you retain full ownership of your data and plants. MyFloraDNA does not have the right to patent your varieties, and the ownership of your varieties remains strictly confidential.

Firstly, it’s essential to know you have control. If you prefer not to share your data with us for R&D projects at MyFloraDNA, just tick the box that says you don’t consent to sharing your results within the CLOUD*.

The data obtained from DNA fingerprinting cannot be used to detect, modify, or add any trait to develop new genetics because it is trait-agnostic; it can only be used to identify genetic patterns.

By using MyFloraDNA’s services, you’re giving MyFloraDNA permission to use the genetic data from your tests in various ways (use, improve, copay, distribute, analyze, and transform). In more formal terms, you grant us a nonexclusive, transferable, royalty-free, fully-paid, and perpetual license, which means:

  • Nonexclusive: We don’t exclusively own your data; you still have rights to it.
  • Transferable: We can share the data, but always under the terms we’ve agreed on.
  • Royalty-free & fully-paid: You won’t receive any payments if we use the data.
  • Perpetual: There’s no end date on this agreement; it continues indefinitely.
  • Sublicenses: We can allow others to use the data under similar terms we’ve agreed on.

But remember, all of this is about enhancing the quality of our services. Your trust is paramount, and we’re committed to respecting your choices and data.

*Remember, without ticking that box you are giving us permission to use the genetic data from your assays.

At MyFloraDNA, we commit to not using your plants’ genetic information to develop new varieties or cultivars. The samples you provide are used exclusively for genotyping purposes and not for tissue culture or any breeding processes. Moreover, you retain full ownership of your data and plants. We do not have the right to patent your varieties, and the ownership of your varieties remains strictly confidential. Our primary goal is to respect your rights and provide the best service, without compromising your trust or privacy.

We obtain the data by conducting analyses on the samples you provide (watch the process explanation video here). This enables us to create a Certificate of Cultivar Identity, distinguish, and compare cultivars based on the service you request. The process is finalized when the results are delivered to you via MyFloraCLOUD.

The term “Plant Genetic Information” encompasses the analyses required to genotype your plant, the data generated from those analyses, and how that data is stored in MyFloraCLOUD.

We store the results for your varieties in our database. Only our team, you, and those you grant access to—either via your account or the CCI’s link—can view this information.

Our amazing R&D team is in charge of providing the services in collaboration with an external provider. We generate and deliver your results using the genotyping information from your samples, processed by our advanced script in the CLOUD. It’s important to note that the information from genotyping cannot be used to recreate the clients’ plants, as it is trait-agnostic (meaning it isn’t related to any specific trait). The plant material you provide will not be used for any tissue culture or breeding processes.

Our primary goal is to give you the best service possible. We reserve the right to use the data for enhancing and improving our testing services, ensuring we provide you with top-notch service. By analyzing your results within the context of our database, we aim to offer insights, such as how your cultivar relates to others and the uniqueness of your variety. Please understand, this is entirely about supporting your needs and advancing our service quality.