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Cannabis FingerPrint ID Chip: What is it? How it works?

Cannabis Fingerprint is always unique to individuals, be it humans or plants. Fingerprint ID can help you get a unique identification for your cannabis plants. These plants exhibit various characteristics like disease resistance, drought, or salinity resistance.
Traits that determine a plant’s ability to adapt and thrive. Genomic makeup of every cannabis plant is different, and this difference serves as a foundation for a unique fingerprint ID. The deciphered genomic sequence can reveal purity, origin, and plant’s resistance to various infections. This genomic information can be used to create a unique identity: a Fingerprint ID chip for cannabis plants.

How does finger chip ID benefit Breeders?

Understanding the traits that make your plants desirable for cannabis growers serves as an incentive for breeders to use finger chip ID. This technique helps you determine the beneficial traits and preserve those traits in your seeds and clones.
When the grower is made aware of the benefits of having desirable traits, it serves as a business advantage for breeders, you can clone the plants or produce seeds with your traits and use this as your competitive advantage.
Cannabis FingerPrint Outdoor
Knowing what traits will be present in their plants, growers will be inclined to buy the seeds or clones that result in plants with those traits. Breeders can use this as a business strategy or as a differentiation strategy for their product: cannabis seeds and clones that result in plants with desirable traits, 100% guaranteed by DNA testing. Using the fingerprint ID breeders will have a competitive edge over others in the industry.

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