Impacts of anthropogenic activities, such as land-use changes, soil degradation and pollution, water scarcity are being exacerbated today by climate change which is expected to become more severe over the coming decades. This has led to US farmers becoming discouraged and abandoning their land.

We believe that it is important that plant breeders use new varieties underlying key agronomical traits within the context of becoming better stewards of healthy and sustainable agriculture.

This is not a task that any individual can undertake alone, or that will ever be finished, since agriculture is a dynamic trade. However, solving the future challenge of producing more with less and in a more sustainable manner is not “mission impossible”, but it does require a fundamental shift towards a different growth path and a swifter transfer of new products or techniques into practice.

In this context, with the recent development of new DNA technologies, marker-assisted selection (MAS) using DNA markers, can provide an early DNA-based evaluation of genetic performance potential of seedlings, with the aim of improving cost and/or genetic efficiency of seedling selection. Establishing routine MAS for major genes in plant breeding ought to be the Next Generation Breeding and cultivar selection strategy.

About the company

MyFloraDNA was born with the mission of offering innovative DNA technology combining Marker-Assisted-Selection, Next Generation Sequencing and Intelligent Computing to more than 100.00 growers. We are focused on developing tools and products for more sustainable and efficient agriculture.