our technology

MyFloraDNA, Inc. is a Smart Gene Discovery startup based in Sacramento, CA offering innovative technology combining Marker-Assisted-Selection, Next Generation Sequencing and Intelligent Computing, focused on developing tools and products for more sustainable and efficient agriculture. We are producing an easy-to-use DNA technology that can be deployed to help breeders, growers and nurseries accelerate the process of selecting the best almond seedlings efficiently and accurately.  Our difference will reside in the speed, low-cost and personalized way of interacting with the client and delivering the results to help them reach their goals.

Our Technology at your dispossal

We analyze your plants

With our easy-to-use DNA technology we target your genes of interest

We help you choose your best plants

Our recommendations are delivered to you through the florame customer portal

We decode your plants

With our in house gene finding pipeline we decode the clues and DNA secrets of your samples