Sex Identification

Sex & gender identification is one of the most critical steps to ensure high yields in your plants without worrying about seed formation.
MyFloraDNA’s DNA test can discriminate between male and female cannabis plants in just a few hours. No need to wait months before any visual sex attributes appear. With our early DNA test, you will save time, labor, and other resources.
$15.00 $11.00 / sample
*The shipment of the samples varies depending on your current location. For California clients, the shipment may take between 2-3 days. Please contact us if you’r from any other state.
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How to know wich plant I need to grow?

Improve your crops by ...

Predicting the sex of your plants in just three days after germination

Getting advice from our experts, with more than 15 years in Plant Science

Saving and optimizing money, time, and other inputs (light, water, land, etc.)

Growing organic and sustainable cannabis