Learn the plant variety & species of what you are growing. Using our Fingerprinting proprietary DNA markers, you will know what you are growing and help you succeed in your breeding strategies and plant cultivation.

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1 - 9 $90.00
10 - 49 $80.00
50+ $75.00

For an order of less than 10 samples it will take 15 days to give the test results.


  • DNA fingerprinting is a scientific approach aimed to find out which specific species, subspecies, and variety their plants are. 
  • With our fingerprinting analysis, client will benefit of a complete genetic characterization of its cannabis/hemp material. If you as clients wish we can tell the purity and % of identity against the one used as a reference. 
  • Our genetic test can be used to decode your own genetic material, to detect fraudulent activities using your varieties and to protect your rights as a grower/breeder.
  • MyFloraDNA test show the amount of genetic diversity within your own plants and others evaluated varieties. This will show you how much potential for new genetic diversity is present in your plants. 
  • In summary, the information on the genetic structure gathered with our fingerprinting service will have important implications in your breeding program and for conservation of your unique germplasm.


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