Sex & gender identification is one of the most critical steps to ensure high yields in your plants without worrying about seed formation. MyFloraDNA’s DNA test can discriminate between the male and female cannabis plants in just a few hours. You will not need to wait months before any visual sex feature appears. With our early DNA test, you will save in labor, energy, and other outputs. 


For an order of less than 10 samples it will take 15 days to give the test results. Please contact us.


  • Knowing the cannabis plant’s sex is essential for hemp and cannabis growers and breeders.
  •  Plants at an early stage are phenotypically indistinguishable to the naked eye and do not reveal their sex until 6-8 weeks after germination.
  •  Cannabis plants have sex chromosomes akin to humans, where male plants have X and Y sex chromosomes, and female plants have two X chromosomes. 
  •  Genetic and hormonal manipulation makes it possible to create “feminized seeds,” but be careful since these chemically treated plants won’t produce seeds. This alteration of the reproduction may increase inbreeding and, therefore, significantly impact C. sativa & C. indica’s genetic structure.
  • A single plant genetics test, MyFloraDNA can predict the sex of your plants in just three days after germination. Our test will allow you to throw away plants that you don’t wish to grow such as males, if you are just looking to produce flower.
  • If you are an old-school grower but want to use the latest scientific advances to grow only one sex of a plant, this is a perfect choice without modifying your plants’ genetics. 
  • By determining the sex of your plants, you will be able to grow and create your genetic material being more cost-efficient by saving space in the greenhouse, labor, and input such as lights and water.


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