Molecular ID

Certify your cultivars’ genetic material with their unique molecular ID code.

Molecular ID 2
DNA Male identification 1 / Analysis kit / MyFloraCheck 1 / Molecular ID 1
Molecular ID

The kit includes:
– One vial per sample purchased
– Return label
– Instructions Guide

* Minimum 1 test


Validate your genetic material


Potentiate your cultivar

Identify your Cannabis cultivar library using a genetic coded ID. Validate and consolidate your genetic library.

Tissue Culture Lab

Sell trust

Offer your clients a tool to validate your products, and generate your cultivars’ Molecular Trademark.


Quality clones

Offer your clients a photo ID of your genetics to validate your material.


Grow cool,
sell sure

Offer your clients an ID image of your genetics to validate your material.

Molecular ID 3
Molecular ID 4


Why Validate
My Genetics?

Molecular ID 6

FloraStrain Library

Open source cloud-stored database of strains where you can search, check and register your plants.


Why Secure
My Cultivar?

We are able to identify and track your clones’ variations, even if only 1% of your plants’ genetics are different from the mother plant.

Process of validation

Getting your QR

Molecular ID 5


your strains

Exclusive service that will allow you and/or your clients to analyze the genetic profile of two strains.  

MyFloraCheck 5

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