Determining your plant’s gender is the beginning of a big adventure ahead! Especially in the context of growing cannabis for a medical or recreational purposes, it is important to identify the male and female plants so you can get the female flowers without any male flowers being around and turn your plants into seed bearers.

The old-style growing keeps you waiting more than 3-6 weeks just to make sure all plants reveal their gender to you, you loosing many resources and the risk of yielding plants below your expectation. Then, it’s time to identify your cannabis seedlings much sooner with our advanced DNA testing. Cannabis Test
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Cannabis is a tall upright annual herb and generally dioecious (producing male and female plants separately).

No matters if you are a small-scale cannabis grower or a big company with more than thousands of plants growing, cannabis sex identification is a matter to your production.

According to that problem, DNA testing is an excellent tool to save time, money, and resources by testing your seedlings only three days after they popped. Genetic testing can give you a quick result within 3 days after germination and help you to decide whether you want to discard any undesired plant or record it for your germplasm collection.

Cannabis Genders
male cannabis plant
Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction or qPCR is a precise method to detect a genetic marker of the male/female sex chromosome within the cannabis genome. The samples will be processed during the PCR test into several cycles which allows a DNA polymerase to multiply the targeted short genetic sequence. The result will show which plant genetically contains Y chromosomes and which don’t.

This service has proven its efficiency to help growers reduce the inputs of water and lights in hydroponic systems as well as in the indoor cultivation systems using soil and controlled irrigation.

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