Hop Latent
Analysis Hop Latent Viroid qPCR

Our qPCR Hop Latent Viroid tests can accurately detect and measure HLV RNA in a sample, determining if the sample is infected or not, even when small amounts of HLV RNA are present.
HpLVd 1 / Hop Latent Viroid Test 1 / Hop Latent Viroid qPCR 1


Hop Latent Viroid Test

The kit includes:

  • One vial per sample purchased
  • Return label
  • Instructions Guide
* Minimum 10 tests
HpLVd 1 / Hop Latent Viroid Test 1 / Hop Latent Viroid qPCR 1

25-50% Hop Latent Viroid qPCR

of your cultivation may be infected with Hop Latent Viroid

What is Hop Latent Viroid?

HpLVd is a silent viroid that may not show signs of infection. Our tests are capable of detecting Hop Latent Viroid in symptomatic and asymptomatic plants in 24-48 hours.

How qPCR works

Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) is a scientific method used to detect and measure specific DNA sequences. In the context of hop latent viroid detection, it’s used to find out if the viroid is present in a plant sample.

The process starts by making many copies of the viroid’s DNA using special chemicals and an enzyme called polymerase. The amount of DNA produced is then measured to determine the amount of viroid in the sample.

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Protect your crops avoiding transmission from incoming clones, seeds, and seedings

Hop Latent Viroid 4 / Cannabinoid Dominant MyFloraDNA / Hop Latent Viroid Test 5 / / Hop Latent Viroid qPCR 3

Test your mother plants before cloning, and avoid genetic transmission

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Protect and guarantee your crop's health and quality by testing with a trusted lab

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Maximize your yields and secure your long-term budget with qPCR technology

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Collection App

Your time is gold. That’s why we developed a time-saving app that allows our clients to easily submit their sample information by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. After collecting, you send back the Hop Latent Viroid Test Kit, and in 48 hs you’ll receive your results.

Digitalized Process

Avoid spending valuable time with paper or spreadsheets. Welcome to the New Era!

Virtual instructions

This tool allows our clients an easy way to understand our new digital process.

Scan METRC codes

This feature allows users to scan METRC codes associated with each sample’s plant.

Manual scanning

It is also possible to register your samples manually, using your own labeling system.


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Pathogen Testing and Trait Detection Services 🦠🔍 From > 250 samples: 24-48hs and < 250 samples: 48-72hs
Validation Services 🧬 > 24 samples: 1-5 weeks < 24 samples or more: 5-15 days


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