Choose the perfect Cannabis Seeds The Guidelines

Choose Cannabis Seeds

Are you still wondering if you should start growing cannabis for yourself? The first step is always the most difficult: choosing which seeds to use. Selecting the highest quality seeds will ensure you produce a healthy, potent plant. Now, let’s find out how to pick the best cannabis seeds by going over some basic facts. 

How to Choose Cannabis Seeds: Buy or Grow?

Female cannabis plants can produce seeds only after a male plant has pollinated them. To grow your seeds, you will need a female plant to produce the seeds and a male plant to fertilize the female plants. Then, it’s as simple as placing the male plant near the female plant you want to fertilize. About 4-6 weeks after pollination, you will notice seeds beginning to form within the female flower. This can be a lengthy process, so purchasing seeds from a reputable seed bank is another option. 

Feminized or Regular Seeds

Seeds can turn into male or female plants, but most people only want to grow female seeds. Why? Because female plants are responsible for producing flowers or buds. Most seed companies will sell “regular” packs with both male and female seeds. However, they also offer only female seeds, known as “feminized” seeds. There is a significant price difference between the two, but spending the extra money is worth it. Use feminized seeds to ensure your plants will produce only female buds to conserve resources. Read More
What are cannabis terpenes

Choose Your Variety

There are two primary varieties of cannabis – Indica and Sativa. Sativa strains produce an energetic and creative feeling in users. Indica cultivars can help reduce anxiety and treat inflammation by leaving users feeling relaxed, often leading to sleep.

Every cannabis strain has unique traits. Depending on the variety, your plants will develop different flavors, smells, and effects. Knowing the terpene profile will help you to grow the kind of bud you want to obtain.

Also, take into consideration the space and yield you are going to need to grow healthy and beautiful plants. The previous research is crucial to succeeding in growing cannabis.

Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis

Cannabis sativa plants will grow tall and thin. They take longer to mature than Indica plants. Sativa plants tend to have bigger yields than Indica plants. Indica plants are shorter and more bush-shaped, producing fewer buds than Sativa plants.

For many years, people had to choose between the benefits of Indica or Sativa. But now, you can also grow hybrid plants, which blend the qualities of Sativa and Indica into one plant. Hybrids are usually indica or sativa dominant but will still produce the effects of the selected plant type.

Something to consider, especially if you are a novice grower, is that indicas take less time to mature than sativas. Indicas are considered a hardier plant that can withstand more stress, so they are more forgiving to novice growers who can make mistakes during their first grow.

Seed preservation

Proper storage of seeds can guarantee their protection until you decide to grow them. Avoid storing seeds in direct sunlight, exposing them to moisture and extreme temperature. These conditions can increase their chances of spouting or, worse, completely ruining them.

How to Choose Cannabis Seeds for Success

Cannabis flowers are full of complex phytochemicals, and a specific set of molecules, known as terpenes, underpin the taste upon inhalation. These aromatic hydrocarbons are found throughout nature and are responsible for flavors such as citrus peels or other unique flavors of different herbs and spices. Thanks to advance genomic analysis, MyfloraDNA can help you with strain selection and other cannabis-related laboratory services. We have the knowledge and the tech to help you choose the variety with the perfect traits.Contact us!