Fingerprint Chip

Get a DNA code (like a Social Security Number) of your proprietary strains and be protected. Every single plant has its unique genetic code. MyFloraDNA translates this genomic code into an exclusive “SSN”.
By fingerprinting your strains, you can feel safe from malicious attacks in the field, identify the purity and origin of your plants, and use for IP purposes.
We’ve created a unique ID chip, able to detect and decode the DNA profile of your plants.
This service includes hundreds of molecular markers. With this chip, we can identify unequivocally the genetic differences even from the most closed genetically samples.
This Chip is useful to detect and track the desired traits which our customers wish to maintain their breeding programs.

Custom ID Chip

Create your own genetic ID Chip using the Whole-Genome Sequencing of the your mother strains.

Improve your crops by ...

Developing new and better organic strains easier than ever

Taking advantage of the latest scientific tech to detect variations on your clons and seeds

Saving time, money and resources

Grow efficient, organic, and sustainable cannabis

If you have any question or to get more information about our Fingerprint Chip ID, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.