Male Plant Detection

Identify whether a new seedling will likely mature into a male plant with our rapid turnaround assay. Easily test your seedlings in their most juvenile growth stage and eliminate unwanted plants before investing resources in their cultivation. 

Our Male Plant Detection Assay is an indispensable tool for both Cannabis plant breeders and cultivators engaged in phenotypic selection. Our service can identify males after a seedling has grown its second true leaf, making it one of the earliest male detection assays on the market today.


Male Plant Detection

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 x vial per sample purchased
  • 1 x Return label
  • 1 x Instructions Guide
* Minimum 10 tests


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Pathogen Testing and Trait Detection Services 🦠🔍 From > 250 samples: 24-48hs and < 250 samples: 48-72hs
Validation Services 🧬 > 24 samples: 1-5 weeks < 24 samples or more: 5-15 days


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