Can we trust our market? Finding says some stores sell cannabis as hemp

Lately, the study conducted by the United Cannabis Business Alliance (UCBA) and SC Labs revealed that there were unregulated Cannabis from unknown resources sold on some store shelves labelled as hemp. This truth is surprising since it displays the lack of action by federal and state governments to anticipate this testing failure.

Governments focus to tackle the legalization of hemp as a distinct product from cannabis put aside the safety aspect of the products such as cannabinoid tests. However, when talking about cannabis, it is crucial to test every crop to establish its true identity and avoid false labelling.

In a legal market, cannabis products have standards of testing requirements that keep them safe to be consumed and differentiate their purity from other brands in the industry. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of adulteration or equipment contamination for example within the vape cartridges.

The total THC content in CBD products

Cannabis Genetics Laboratory


The studies taken in some shops in California showed that the majority of the samples are classified as Marijuana rather than hemp. The 2018 farm bill classifies hemp as cannabis with no more than 0.3% total THC. Conversely, THC levels found on 53% of the products cross the legal limit sufficient to cause psychoactive and intoxication which could be dangerous for come CBD consumers.


This finding can be a big issue, but it also sheds light on the fact that there are many similar products sold in a big legal market. Governments need to take some actions to prevent this case from spreading wider, one that can be suggested is by implementing the regulations to the cannabis growers or operations to conduct a CBD test on every crop they harvested.

Moreover, the government can also engage the genetic testing company to be involved in reaching out and monitoring the growing number of cannabis growers so they can execute their operations and feel secure to have the government’s actors as a partner to discuss their activities.

Weighing the importance of CBD testing, MyFloraDNA consistently suggests many cannabis growers make sure their plants are equipped thoroughly. You can start with gender testing to have your plant’s gender determined. This information will help you to track which plant you want to grow and don’t, so there will be more space in a greenhouse, fewer inputs and optimal condition of land use.

After that, if you decide to plant the female, then you should decide whether you want to grow hemp or marijuana. Our CBD test can be done at the early stage after germination. Since hemp can only contain a maximum of 0.3% total THC, our test will guide you to classify them. And you don’t need to wait until the flowers bloom to get the result.

Since potentially dangerous products are still possibly available to store shelves, the prevention also needs to be implemented immediately while robusting the regulation not only to the planting aspects but perhaps reach out to intervening the way growers store their mother plant so the false labels will not be inherited by the next generation.

We believe that in the future, the ecosystem of the cannabis trade will be strongly built when steps are guided and product purity is maintained.

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Is your CBD what it says it is? Study finds high-THC weed sold as hemp
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